Watch: Male lions take on raging current

A video showcases how even one of the strongest predators cannot withstand the force of Mother Nature.

Two male lions’ power proved no match for Mother Nature when the kings of the jungle wanted to cross a river in the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

Game ranger Richard Mututua shared the experience with

The publication states the river seen in the video is the Rongai, and notes it often experiences heavy flooding, especially in the rainy season.

“These floods create strong currents, changing the landscape and causing problems for both wildlife and people. Filled with trepidation, the lions summon their courage and plunge into the water, one after the other. Within seconds, the first two lions are swept 10s of metres down the river. The third lion hesitates and holds back to the safety of the riverbank.”

Here’s what happened:

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