[GRAPHIC VIDEO]: Dog beater hunted by Soweto Animal Rescue

WARNING: Graphic material not for sensitive viewers

AN urgent appeal has been made to find the man responsible for the brutal beating of a dog.

The Soweto Animal Rescue and Advisory Centre’s Jerry Selwane has issued an appeal to find the culprit seen in a horrific video battering a cross-terrier dog.

Watch footage here:

According to residents in the area, who did not want to be identified, the dog’s gut-wrenching howl could be heard echoing for miles.

The man in the video walks away after the brutal beating and the dog limps away in pain.

Selwane said he was not sure where the video was taken but wanted the culprit behind bars for animal cruelty.

He said anyone with information on the footage can contact him on Facebook at Soweto Animal Rescue and Advisory Centre or reach him on 084 911 9459.

The footage has been submitted to police.

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