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Taking care of animals as best as they can

Donations of dog and cat food started streaming in from all over Gauteng, as well as the amazing Alberton Community.


On May 5, the Animal Protection Network (APN) received an urgent plea from the Brackenhurst SAPS Capt Antoinette Foord and Sgt Lindi Moloi to come and feed some starving animals in the Thinasonke informal settlement.

Without even thinking twice, the three field workers from APN packed dog and cat food and raced through with Foord and Moloi.

“Some animals were fed, but we knew there were a lot more out there that needed to be fed. “So we put a plea out to public on the APN Facebook page and it was shared far and wide,” said Nicci Bala.

Donations of dog and cat food started streaming in from all over Gauteng, as well as the amazing Alberton community.

“One family from Honeydew donated 80kg of dog food and 20kg of cat food. “On Sunday we received a call from Wayne Frazer from Jumbo Projects. “Their staff did not have much to do and the company had some wood available so they decided to build kennels for the dogs in the settlement. “Unfortunately most of these dogs do not have a nice warm kennel to sleep in at night,” Bala said.

“Excitement ran high as 16 dog kennels were delivered to us, and we will be receiving the rest over the next few days,” she said.

A big thank you goes out to Foord and Moloi who brought the need to feed the fur babies to APN’s attention and to all those who responded to their plea.

“The response has been amazing. Thank you to Jumbo Projects and thank you to each and every family that has donated to this worthy cause.

“We will continue with the feeding scheme and continue to assist the settlement. APN will also be able to go the settlement with Dr Lisa from Hennie Alberts Vet to deworm pets and to see which animals need to be sterilised.

“This truly is such a feel good story considering that lockdown has not been easy on anyone. APN is the voice of our animals and will continue to assist people where we can,” she said.

If you wish to donate dog food and cat food to the feeding scheme, please contact the following APN field workers and they will happily come and collect: Zuerina Venter on 082 850 9842, Di Hingley on 082 653 1815 or Nicci Bala on 079 655 5329.

Jumbo Projects offload the 16 kennels built for dogs in the informal settlement.

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