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Klipriver Nature Reserve fights crime

KNR ensures a safer environment for the communities.

After a recent complaint about a vehicle being burgled at Kliprivier Nature Reserve, the committee sent the following response:

As an organisation, we most certainly do not condone any criminal activities that take place within and outside the KNR. It certainly doesn’t place the reserve in a good light; however, security does not fall under the scope of the KNRA and we are very limited in terms of what we can do (from liability and legal and regulatory point of view).

We continuously bring up these issues to the various bodies, and crime within South Africa remains a continuous battle.

However, these crimes are clearly opportunistic and as with all criminal activity, it becomes important that the community as a whole stands up and takes a stand and not place sole responsibility on one organisation.

It would be great to see the local security companies patrol the areas more regularly, especially at peak times over weekends, where they could use their presence to promote their services as well at both entrances to the reserve.

Community members also need to remain vigilant and report any unusual activities to authorities.

As a voluntary NPO resources are always scarce and the more community members can contribute to organisations like the KNRA the more resources we would have available to assist in fighting these types of issues on a more sustainable level.

Frank Diener, chairperson KNRA


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