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ABT Telecoms brings pink at Forest High School

The campaign included a discussion of the importance of the early detection of cancer.

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ABT Telecoms (ABT) hosted its annual Cancer Awareness Campaign at Forest High School on October 27.

The campaign focused on raising awareness about cancer’s warning signs and symptoms and equipping the school learners on how to support people living with cancer.

According to the company’s legal risk and compliance officer, Lauren Green, several intimate and informative sessions were held by the ABT team, with the assistance of Nicky Mfenyane, who is a qualified nurse and happens to be a former pupil of Forest High School.

“The discussions also included the importance of early detection, which is pivotal in controlling, fighting and surviving breast cancer. In addition, breast, cervix, colorectal, uterus and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer have been reported by the National Cancer Registry (NCR 2019) as the top five invasive cancers affecting women in South Africa.

“Research further indicates that men living in South Africa are prone to be diagnosed with prostate, colorectal, lung, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and melanoma cancer.

“The campaign tapped into the collective passion of ABT’s team to drive, empower and impact the minds of our future leaders,” said Green.

The ABT Telecoms team at Forest High School on October 27.

Green highlighted they would like to send their warmest regards to the school for participating in the life-changing initiative by hosting the Cancer Awareness Campaign at their school.

The CEO of ABT, Thula Nkumane, urged regular screening for breast cancer among both men and women, saying the issues plaguing society in this regard require all of them to go further and proactively drive for active screening and saving lives.

“ABT is a huge proponent for proactive health screening and improving life expectancy. As a collectively affected company, we do what we can to drive awareness. Let’s keep fighting the good fight as improved life expectancy and health proactivity is imperative,” said Nkumane.

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