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Ramadaan Haleem distribution by Baboo’s Crew

Uncle Baboo urges people to continue to contribute to the good course.

Uncle Baboo and Crew successfully hosted their first Haleem distribution for Ramadaan on March 26.

A whopping nine dhegs of Haleem was prepared and within 23 minutes the dhegs were emptied into containers and distributed.

Uncle Baboo said a huge crowd was ready and waiting to get their share.

“A special thank you to those who sponsored and distributed Naan. Jazakallah Khair to the community for your contributions and support and a special thank you to all those that volunteered their time today. We will continue next week with Haleem distribution,” he said.

For contributions, contact Uncle Baboo on 083 288 7586.

Uncle Baboo preparing Haleem for Ramadaan.

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