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Injured dog given a second chance at life

The injured animal was spotted, saved and brought to safety.

A resident spotted a stray dog with a rope tied around its neck, cutting deep into his flesh, on South Rand Road on June 29.

Chantelle Lockhart followed the helpless, injured animal, who was scared and tried to hide. The dog ran into The Hill, Johannesburg South. He continued running down Verona Street into Rosettenville, where he tried to escape.

“The animal appeared to be in excruciating pain because of how deep the rope had cut into its neck and a wound under its front leg,” said Lockhart.

A rope cut deep around his neck. Photo: Chantelle Lockhart

The dog, panting in pain, ran over Prairie Street into a park, into Main Street, where Chantelle and pedestrians tried capturing the injured animal.

“He ran down Ferreira Street, and with help from residents I know, we chased after the dog,” said Lockhart.

Maverick, was rescued and ready to be given a second chance. Photo: Chantelle Lockhart

The dog gave them a run around Kenilworth, where they continued to chase after him when he ran back onto Main Street.

“He ran into a dark corner in a shop where we could put a leash around him and put him in my car,” explained Lockhart.

Deep cut wound to his front leg. Photo: Chantelle Lockhart

She took Maverick, as the dog is now named, to a vet to stitch up his injuries to the neck and under his leg and to be neutered. They provided him with a delicious meal and blanket after the surgery.

Maverick is recovering, and the Linmeyer Community Animal Rescue Association cares for him.

The dark corner where the dog tried to hide. Photo: Chantelle Lockhart

Chantelle Lockhart, Mechelle Cordero, Heather Roddick and Eli Anthony gave Maverick a second chance by saving him.

After his physical recovery, they will put Maverick in a foster home, where he will recover mentally from the trauma he experienced. The foster home will teach Maverick to play with other dogs and live with a family.

The rope supposedly used as a leash resulted in deeply cut neck wounds. Photo: Chantelle Lockhart

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