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Powerhouses unite in their quest to provoke thought and ignite change in theatre

Don’t miss this awe-inspiring collaboration between The Theatre Duo and playwright J Bobs Tshabalala.

The Market Theatre, in association with the National Arts Festival, proudly present a daring theatrical satire directed by the brilliant current Standard Bank Young Artist Award (SBYA22) recipients, The Theatre Duo of Billy Langa and Mahlatsi Mokgonyana.

Khongolose Khommanding Khommissars (KKK), written by J Bobs Tshabalala (SBYA20), plunges deep into the dark underbelly of South African politics, laying bare the intricate web of political intrigue and corruption that shape our nation.

J Bobs Tshabalala’s captivating new South African play pulls the curtain on the lives of pot-bellied men, greedily vying for control of state resources while shamelessly deceiving the impoverished masses with their deceptive speeches.

KKK starring Moagi Kasi (assistant director Ketsia Velaphi). Photo by Mark Wessels

This epic satire examines the overt interactions and sometimes illegal dealings of our contemporary South African political camaraderie – the Comrades, the brown-envelope tenderpreneurs.

The play dissects the intentional and intertwined actions of politicians and businessmen, who contribute to our current political and socio-economic chaos that perpetuates a culture of greed and corruption. Through the ingenious use of Comrade-speak – a deceptive language that masks the true intentions of those in power – the play exposes the farcical nature of the socioeconomic freedom promised to the masses.

The Theatre Duo, revered for their boundary-pushing storytelling techniques (an inventive fusion of words and movement) and unwavering devotion to interdisciplinary collaboration, guide an impressive cast and creative team.

KKK starring Anelisa Phewa and Lebohang Masimola directed by Billy Langa and Mahlatsi Mokgonyana: Photo by Mark Wessels

The play will run from July 26 to August 6 at The John Kani Theatre, 56 Margaret Mcingana St, Newtown, Johannesburg.

The Market Theatre acknowledges the generous support of the Eyesizwe Mining Development Trust and Business and Arts South Africa (BASA), whose funding has made this production possible.

For block bookings and discounts contact Anthony Ezeoke on 011 832 1641 ext 203 or 083 246 4950.

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