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Glenvista High School welcomes 2024 RCL executives

The school wishes the newly elected 2024 RCL executives all the best for their leadership year.

Glenvista High School announced its newly elected RCL (representative council of learners) executives for the year 2024, marking a significant moment for the school community.

Dr Thabile Morgan, the school principal, expressed great pleasure and honour in recognising the leadership potential within each of the selected students.

“Our first objective as prefects is to rebuild Glenvista High’s reputation. The way parents view our school has changed over the past years and we hope it changes before June. We are working towards parents recognising the discipline and obedience in us learners and the increase in academic performance.

“We aim to foster a stronger sense of unity and inclusivity among students. This involves the planning of educational extra-mural activities and events that bring students together, regardless of their background. We hope to see fewer posts of ‘school is hell’.

“As the face of Glenvista High, we recognise the importance of a supportive academic environment. To achieve this, we are actively working on initiatives such as peer tutoring programs and study groups. Our goal is to create a culture where students feel empowered to seek help and collaborate in their academic pursuits,” said Morgan.

“We wish the learners the best for their leadership year.”

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