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WATCH: City Power launches DIY method for token identifier programme

Technicians will be on standby to help those who encounter challenges when recoding their meters.

To fast-track the rollout of the token identifier (TID) programme, City Power customers can recode their meters after April 15 using an automated system.

This smooth and effortless process will ensure the upgrading of the metering code. This DIY initiative aims to ensure that on November 24, all prepaid customers’ meters are fully converted. This process is essential to keep prepaid meters functioning beyond the deadline.

City Power began rolling out the prepaid meter upgrades in August 2023. However, the process has moved slower than anticipated because of challenges such as customers denying officials entry to their homes.

Along with metering conversion, City Power has rolled out meter auditing simultaneously. Of 283 966 registered prepaid meters, only 38 474 have been converted, and 84 998 fully audited. Over 245 000 meters still need to be converted with only six months left. It’s for that reason City Power has implemented the DIY initiative.

It will accelerate the TID rollout rate and ensure customers can buy electricity tokens after the deadline. All prepaid customers should be on the new vending code when the current codes expire in November. The conversion process will see a new series of electricity vending codes introduced. Without this required upgrade, customers cannot top up their electricity units.

From April 15, this DIY process will start in all areas supplied by City Power in the City of Johannesburg. All the entity’s communication platforms will share a schedule of the dates when a suburb can convert to the new system.

Technicians will be on standby to help those encountering challenges when recording their meters.

Once City Power indicates an area as active, customers will receive three token codes when making their next electricity purchases. In areas where this method will become active from April 15, customers are urged to load the units they previously bought because once the conversion is in effect, the meter will not accept those electricity tokens.

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