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Free and fair elections at Smart Angels Daycare

Pizza Party and Ice Cream Party are in coalition.

In an unprecedented election held at Smart Angels Daycare in Naturena Ext 11 on May 22, Pizza Party won the elections by 45%.

Three parties were contesting the elections with 42 votes cast: Pizza Party, Ice Cream Party (36%) and Burger Party (19%).

The message is clear: Make you mark and vote.

The purpose of the elections was to teach the learners about the importance of democracy.

Pizza Party won the elections with 45%.

Ntombifuthi Malinga from the daycare said they had three options. They had to choose a snack they would like to eat at the upcoming pyjama party. The options were the Burger Party, Pizza Party and Ice Cream Party.

All smiles after casting his vote.

“Although the Burger Party had tremendous support during campaigning time, it turned out that what the people wanted was pizza. The Pizza Party won by less than 50%. They have decided to go into a coalition with Ice Cream Party.

Ice Cream Party received 36%.

“We also had police and Amapanyaza’s support in ensuring fair and peaceful elections. The votes were counted at a different location by an independent body,” she said.

The Burger Party received 19%.

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