No to dog fights

Do something to stop this atrocious cruelty!

I, like so many South African’s, am in shock, following the November 5 report of the arrests of people responsible for violating animal rights, for the cruelty
of, maiming and ultimate violent deaths of our dogs in organised gambling fighting pits.
I would like to appeal to our young people to rally, use your twitter and Facebook, many of us older generation don’t know how to do this, but will stand up beside you.
We ordinary people can do something to be sure that abusers of animal rights know they are singled out and will be brought to justice, and to be sure that our law makers and courts of justice know they may not deal with offenders lightly.
Not one more dog should be mistreated, abused and savagely torn to pieces, sentenced to death in a pit, for the fun and gambling of a human being!
I don’t want to sit back, I don’t want to leave this earth one day without having done something to protect our animals, do you?

Des, South of Joburg

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