UPDATE: Factory catches fire

Roads were closed next to the scene as firefighters fought the flames for at least six hours.

JOHANNESBURG SOUTH – FIirefighters worked tirelessly into the night while putting out a fire at a Booysens furniture factory on Friday, August 28.Emergency Medical Services spokesperson, Nana Radebe, confirmed that one person suffered minor injuries and was treated on scene, outside the factory on Booysens Road.

According to Radebe, the fire started around 16:00 and the cause of the blaze is still unknown.

Kibler Park and Turffontein firefighters worked together for hours to douse the fire and assist the people who were there.

According to an eye witness, the trucks did not have enough water and the firefighters had to rely on fire hydrants.

Radebe said when she arrived on scene, the pipes were connected.

The Southern COURIER spoke to the brother of the owner of the factory and he said that the damage caused by the fire will cost a lot of money.

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