Book club … a trio of dark reads

With Autumn well on its way, we’ve found a trip of books to send shivers up your spine.

 Mother. Daughter. Angel. Monster? When Lisa Jewel, one of our favourite authors, endorses a book, saying ‘Set my nerves jangling,’ you know it’s a not-to-be-missed read. The Push revolves around mother Blythe, who wants to give her first child, Violet, all the love she deserves … all the love her own mother withheld. But Violet’s not an easy child, demanding, fretful, unsmiling. And for Blythe, it’s a case of motherhood being not at all what she hoped for, and everything she feared. Dark, disturbing, gripping … Ashley Audrain’s debut novel is all that and more. Available from

She wanted a child, so she took one. Call Me Mummy (another debut novel, this one by Tina Baker) kicks off as Mummy – a glamorous, uptight woman who has everything except a child, kidnaps five-year-old Tonya (Mummy’ll have to change that name, so common). But Tonya’s not the perfect child Mummy was expecting … in fact, she’s a foul-mouthed mini version of her real mum, Kim, who’s been labelled ‘scummy mummy’ by the media, and thinks she deserves to have her other children removed from her care too. Thrilling, harrowing, bleak … and unputdownable. Available from

Twelve years is a long time to wait when you’re planning the perfect revenge. A dozen years after her best friend died under mysterious circumstances, Lizzie finally feels she can move on. At the time, Alice’s friends and family suspected Lizzie played a part in her death. She was, after all, with Alice when she died. But Lizzie has no memory of the accident … all she knows is she would never have hurt her. Now moving into a new home with her fiancé, she’s going to get on with her life. But someone has other ideas! Lesley Kara’s The Dare is another stay-up-all-nighter … brilliantly thrilling.  Available from

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