Delicious food trends to try

Love food? These delicious trends will tantalise your tastebuds!

Like everything else, how we eat has changed in the last year, influenced by Covid-19 and factors such as concerns about climate change and a desire for greater convenience.

These five food trends are shaping our plates now.

 Trend 1: Plant-forward revolution

Fruit and veg are key to a healthy diet, but jumping on the meatless train (even if only part-time) doesn’t mean those are the only foods you’re allowed to eat. Nuts, wholegrains, beans, legumes and healthy fats (we’re looking at you, avo!) are packed with filling fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and help to boost overall health. Plant-based foods also help to decrease climate change and increase sustainability.

Trend 2: Upping the flavour profile

Thanks to a certain pandemic, eating in has become the new eating out, but serving up the same dishes night after night can get boring, fast! The solution: experiment with different flavours and cuisines; seek out fun food experiences and spice things up by adding a Middle Eastern, Indian, or African flare to your favourite dishes. Buy new spices or try a recipe from a region you’ve never eaten from before.

Trend 3: The easier the better

More time at home means more responsibilities, more distractions, and more time cleaning up after the kids, hence an increasing desire for quick, easy, healthy meals, like all-in-one oven baked dishes and super quick protein-packed smoothies. Simply delicious! 

 Trend 4: Everything in one bowl

This one’s not new, but it’s still something people are into this year! From Acai bowls for breakfast to burrito bowls for lunch and poke bowls for dinner, we love the convenience, colours, and flavour combinations bowl food offers. Fibre rich, filling and crammed full of macro- and micronutrients, they get our vote!

 Trend 5: Function over flavour

Flavour is important, but the nutritional benefits of food have taken precedence. With ‘healthy banana bread’ making Google’s top 10 list of most-searched recipes in 2020, it’s clear that people are looking for more healthful versions of their favourites, which means experimenting with ingredients and adding supplements for a nutritional boost.

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