Fighting drug abuse early, Vulamazibuko Primary School

The LDAC visits Vulamazibuko Primary School for a drug prevention intervention.

The Local Drug Action Committee (LDAC) hosted a school intervention drug prevention meeting at Vulamazibuko Primary School last week Thursday. The South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug dependence (SANCA) was invited to the school after it was discovered that they had a high drug abuse problem, according to Sweetness Johnny from SANCA.

Johnny said, “The pupils were disciplined and payed attention. We want to establish a drug free society and have opened our doors to everyone.”

SANCA offers counselling and registration at a variety of rehabs. Bheki Myende was a drug user for 15 years, Myende said, “I encourage pupils to stay away from drugs. Good friends always lead to a greater path.”


Charmaine Vukeya from LDAC said, “We dealt with non-smokers, smokers and those who may be convinced to start smoking”. The City of Johannesburg (COJ) and Social Development joined the fight against drugs at the primary school.

Vukeya said, “We reach out to the pupils so they can avoid being trapped in any addiction.”

People march against drugs.
People march against drugs.

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