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Owami Women celebrates women in entrepreneurship

The actual award ceremony will be taking place on September 21 at the Montecasino.

Owami Women launched its recognition initiative a while back at the Brand South Africa headquarters in Houghton.

The purpose was to celebrate women who play their part in developing their communities in terms of entrepreneurship, education and skills development.

Bridget Nkuna the founder of the initiative said, “We established this in 2010 to create a platform and environment women can get help, network, find each other, inspire each other, and find ideas to be able to have support in whichever respect that they want to develop in.

“We focus a lot on women in business and their entrepreneurial skills development and we want to empower women through those avenues of entrepreneurship.”

During the launch, several women were honoured with awards due to the work that they were doing for impoverished communities.

The launch was also a build up to the Owami Women Recognition Awards that will be awarding those regular women who want to contribute to the next generation positively.

Nkuna spoke about how the programme hosts events where women come together with notable speakers that give them information to help them in their different areas of work; we also publish a newsletter quarterly to keep their followers updated on their latest projects.

What an inspiring session as speakers shared their stories of success and the journey it took to get there to a room filled with women young and old all itching to touch lives from their own communities.

“We have a great movement because we have annual events where we recognize ordinary SA women who play their part i.e. giving soup, giving help, educating and doing amazing work that never gets recognized on a daily.

“Through the partnership with Brand SA we saw everyone come together to be able to say let us find these women from every corner of South Africa and say well done to them,” said Nkuna.

If you know a woman making that kind of impact in your community, or you put yourself in that category, you can still go online to fill in a form to be recognized for the work that you do for others.

The actual award ceremony will be taking place on September 21 at the Montecasino.

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