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Substations are the drug dens!

Druggies are using the old substation as a drug den.

For the past couple of weeks, the community was complaining about how drug users, use the substation as a place of comfort for them to smoke.

Nathan Greef a concerned resident said that he would like something to be done about this; he also said that he had spoken to the local councillors and it will be taken up with the council.

He said, “The druggies are using the old substation as a drug den. People are dumping their rubbish here and you find people burning their rubbish, which can be very dangerous as these new substations can catch a light, cause a fire and explode.”

Greef said, “We don’t want another incident like the one that happened in Extension Two last year when baby Shaynice Talla was murdered, as the old substation is used by druggies and there are girl children living here by the flats and they frequently pass the old substation to go to the house shops.”

The substation that Greef is referring to is situated in Eldorado Park Extension Three in Kremetart Street. This is one of many drug dens and Greef’s point of the dangers, are to be taken into consideration.

The safety of the community is of utmost importance and Greef believes that something should be done.

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