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Residents up in arms against Eskom

Eskom is investigating the matter and a response will be published timely.

Damage caused by the protest.

Residents were up in arms last week after they experienced power outages and vented their frustration by closing Koma Road from traffic.

Roads were closed from the beginning of Koma Road near Pikitup until the street on Koma road that divides Jabulani and Zondi.

The residents that were affected by these outages stretched from Zondi near Kwezi Station, the Zondi section near the clinic and the Jabulani area right up to the streets around Mr Big’s pub.

With the protest disrupting many other parts of the greater community, their protest inconvenienced residents from Jabulani South, Moletsane and Zola as they had difficulty accessing and moving around the community.

“Winter is approaching and now they are starting again with these outages. For the past three weeks, our electricity got cut and would be reconnected at around 2 am in the morning. What do they expect us to do with electricity at 2 am in the morning?

“Right now I have a baby boy and its a struggle taking care of my baby because of the lack of electricity and the fact that I cannot rely on the electricity,” said Rose Nombose.

A day after the protest, Eskom personnel were present in the affected area and were seen fixing some substations, shortly after that, some residents confirmed that the electricity went back on.

“Unfortunately for us, even if Eskom fixes their boxes, some areas and some streets still experience power outages so clearly what they did was not helpful at all,” said Nokwanda Kubheka, a resident from Jabulani.

Eskom is investigating the matter and a response will be published timely.

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