Community unite against drugs

Closing off youth month with a message to remember.

The Naledi and Jabulani Local Drug Action Committee hosted a joint event at Entokozweni Community Centre in Moletsane.

The event was in celebration of International Drug Awareness day which took place on Sunday while the event included a majority of young people as the event was to close off youth month as well.

The main aim of the event was to spread the message of prevention to the youth considering that the majority of the audience were young people between ages 8 and 16 with parents and residents.

To drive the message across, the event was graced by ex-convicts, Pule Kholo who is a motivational speaker, Sukuma Sakhe Developments, Siyabonga Kheswa who is an ex-addict and many other speakers around the issue of drugs.

“We started off by highlighting the dangers and disadvantages of drug use and the physical effects they have on the human body, and by drugs were included alcohol and cigarettes and all other illegal drugs.

“We communicated a clear message that drugs are unwanted in our communities and that there is no future in drugs,” said Ntombi Dlamini, chairlady of Jabulani LADC.

“I related my life story whereby I started taking my narcotics when I was in Grade Eight and I watched my life spiral down.

“Those were the dark days of my life because I used to be involved in bad company that lead me to crime where I faced a number of near death experiences and almost landed in jail.

“I related how I got to a turning point in my life and I have never looked back ever since then,” said Kheswa.


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