Keeping youth away from drugs and exploring talent

11th Movement to celebrates heritage day.

The 11th Movement with Comrades Entertainment Company will be hosting heritage day celebrations at the 11th Movement headquarters in Protea extension 11.

The event will be in the form of a showcase of the talent young people in Protea possess and to show parents the progress they have made since their last event in June.

The showcase includes dance routines by the younger performers in the group followed by poetry and singing by the rest of the group.

Contributions towards the event also include performances by local DJs, local solo artists and singers, and dancers from other local groups.

The 11th Movement officially started functioning early this year as a response to social ills that Molefe Kgomo noticed in the community.

Kgomo faced a daily reality where young people were engaging in drugs and other unacceptable activities because they lack something to keep them busy.

“This started out as a simple afterschool programme and a charity event last December and it has grown to this level all thanks to the children.

“I saw a young boy who was heavily intoxicated by what I assume to be Nyaope and when I saw him, he had approached my little brother for help.

“The boy was helpless and could barely walk, and that’s when I decided to do something positive in my community because I personally knew that boy and I was shocked to see him like that.

“Since I have opened the group, parents have been really showing appreciation because their children are doing well at school and they always have something to do after school,” said Kgomo.

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