A thrilling holiday

Is there anything more satisfying than setting off on holiday with a handful of thrillers? If you, like us, feel a holiday without a chilling read is unthinkable, look out for these, brand new on the bookshelves.

You had us a Jeffery Deaver. And Hunting Time is him at his best. It’s the story of woman and her teenage daughter who’re on the run … they’re being stalked by her ex-husband, a former police detective, who’s just been released from jail and has a score to settle. A tracking expert has been hired to find and protect her – should be simple but he’s met his match in this brilliant engineer who appears to be exceptional at evading detection. Add in a couple of hit men and you’ve got a top notch thriller. HarperCollins

My Husband’s Killer keeps you guessing from start to finish. We loved Laura Marshall’s Friend Request and The Anniversary, so knew we were in for a smashing read with this one … the story of three couples who go on holiday to an excusive luxury villa for a 50th birthday. Five of the six have been friends since uni days, the sixth is new to the group. Affairs – current and past, secrets that go back months and centuries, love and jealousy … when one of the six goes missing, and when his body is finally found and the police suspect murder, all sorts of horrors come to the surface. Loads of twists … loved it! Little Brown  

“Just let him go.” When a sister tells her parents to let her younger brother go to a party, these are the words she’ll always regret. The young boy, celebrating high school graduation with his friends, is murdered in a busy Sydney restaurant. And no one – not the police, not the friends who were with him – appear to know what happened. Karen Slaughter, queen of the thriller, says Tracey Lien’s All That’s Left Unsaid is “a gripping and unflinching narrative that is as heart-wrenching as it is unputdownable”. Harper Collins

Livid is Patricia Cornwell’s latest Kay Scarpetta novel. The chief medical examiner is the reluctant star witness in a sensational murder. When she’s told the judge’s sister has been found dead, in what is staged to look like a home invasion, but obviously isn’t, she’s up against clever killer, and she hasn’t got much time to catch him. If crime’s your thing, you’ll love it. Little Brown.

All available at Exclusive Books.

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