How to calculate catering quantities per person

If you are planning a big party or event and you are not sure how much food to cater for each person attending, use this guide on quantities.

When you are catering an event, catering too much or too little can always be a concern. This guide by Food and Home on catering quantities are typical portion sizes you can serve per person and will ensure that your guests will not leave your dinner party or event hungry.

catering quantities for large groups

Catering quantities for various ingredients:

  • Beef fillet: 200g per person
  • Beef joints on the bone: 320g per person
  • Canapés: Four–five with drinks; 10–14 for main per person
  • Chicken breasts: One per person
  • Whole chicken: 1.5kg will feed four
  • Fish fillets: 180g–200g per person
  • Lamb chops: Two per person
  • Cubed lamb: 225g trimmed per person
  • Lamb cutlets: Three–four per person
  • Mince for burgers and pies: 170g per person
  • Mince for pasta: 110g per person
  • Pasta: 80g for a starter; 100g for main per person
  • Potatoes: 110g–185g per person
  • Shelled prawns: 150g for a starter; 300g for main per person
  • Rice: 60g for a starter; 30g for a side dish per person
  • Soup: 300ml for a starter; 500ml for main per person

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Here are some ideas for your next catering event:

Roast leg of lamb with mint and pomegranate rubies

Heirloom tomato tart

Pork roast with cranberry caramelised green apples and sage

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