Chery sells 1 502 new Tiggos in March

Is this a record? For Chery, it certainly is, and it strengthens the brand’s presence in South Africa.

Chery having sold 1 502 Tiggos in March, confirms the company’s position as one of the SUV market leaders in South Africa.

The Chery Tiggo 4 Pro sold 918 units in March. It was followed by the Tiggo 7 Pro with 395 units and the Tiggo 8 Pro flagship with 189.

“We see our sales success as a direct endorsement from South African motorists and will not take it for granted,” said Tony Liu, Chery SA’s executive deputy general manager.

“South Africans have readily adopted our products and have become our greatest source of referral and marketing. We are truly thankful for their support and will work very hard to protect it.”

To back Chery’s unmatched one-million-kilometre mechanical warranty, Chery introduced its My Chery app, which allows customers to contact Chery, schedule and book services and manage their ownership experience – all from their cellphones.

Another innovation, MyCheryCare, is now included in the sales price of every new Chery sold. It offers a free drive-me-home service for Chery Tiggo Pro owners, among other things. This service is ideal for those occasions when an owner returns from a restaurant or work event and is concerned that they might have exceeded the legal alcohol consumption limit.

In March, a new flagship Chery dealership was opened in Northcliff, Johannesburg. The multistorey building boasts a large sales centre, multiple service bays for quick in-and-out services and even a vehicle repair shop for minor cosmetic repairs. This is the 76th facility in the Chery dealer network.

“Chery sees South Africa as a pivotal country in its future success. It will continue to invest in our local network, our product range and our service quality to ensure that we build a solid base for sustained success in the future,” said Jay Botha, Chery’s national sales manager.

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