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Vagrants removed

Vagrants removed by EMPD and metro.

A metro truck arrived in Eighth Street, Springs CBD on Friday to remove the recycling and refuse from the side of an empty building.

Vagrants recently returned to the premises after being chased away a couple of months ago.

They made the front porch their home and started running their recycling business from the premises.

According to one of the vagrants, only known as Lance, they have nowhere else to live.

But due to numerous complaints received by the Addie from businesses and residents regarding the incident, the metro and EMPD were contacted to help solve this problem.

“The EMPD consulted with the metro’s parks department to assist them in removing these vagrants from the premises,” says Lindiwe Makubalo, manager of the parks department.

She adds not only were the vagrants trespassing by law, but it is also unhygienic to live there as there is no sanitation.

The operation was successful and the bags removed were disposed of.

“The same operation will be done soon in all the parks in Springs to make sure our parks are being kept clean,” concluded Lindiwe.

It is alleged the current owner of the building’s son gave Lance permission to live there to prevent any break-ins, which made it easier for more homeless people to join him.

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