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Is re-gifting socially acceptable?

We all understand that festive season is time to give, share and love.

Around the world, people will be spending time with their families and those close to them, give them gifts and Kwatsaduza residents voiced their different views about re-gifting.

It was clear that some of the residents do not like the idea of re- gifting while others did not have a problem with it.

Nondumiso Machi: Says she does not want a gift that was given to someone else to be given to her.

“Why are you giving me the items that were originally given to you?” she asked.

Thabo Mokoena: He says he does not care if the present was given to someone else who passes it to him, however, it must be something that he will love.

Thandiswa Kunene:”To me, it is the thought that counts, I do not mind receiving a re-gifted gift.”

Thabang Motlou: “I do re-gifting only if I know that the person who I am giving a gift to, will love it.”

Nomusa Dube: “Do not give me your unwanted gifts, better recycle them.”

Here are some of the questions that the residents advised people who want to do re-gifting this holiday season.

Is the gift re-giftable: Make sure that the gift that you give to someone else is still in good condition and that the recipient will be happy about the gift.

Do you have good intentions: Do not just give a gift for the sake of giving it.

Remember that if you do not like the gift, there is a high chance that the person that you are giving the gift to will also not like it.

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