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Sewage continues to spill in Dersley

The Dersley sewage 'dam' in Cloverfield Road between Dersley and Eastvale is a never-ending dilemma for its residents.

Maré Buchner, from the Dersley Community Association (DCA), says the problem will never be solved.

When the Addie reported on the sewage problem, ‘Dersley sewage to be sorted‘, the community met with Anton Deysel, head of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sanitation Department, who told residents the municipality will do its best to fix the problem.

Ward councillor Ramesh Sheodin says the sewage leak was fixed the very same day the DCA and members of Eastvale CPF met with Deysel.

“I was there, they fixed it that same Saturday,” he says.

Sheodin adds the problem will keep appearing and the metro will keep fixing it until they put in an entire new sewer system.

“It just shows you, if they want to do it, they can,” he says.

When the Addie visited the site again on Monday, the initial leak has been fixed, but one DCA member, Lou Kriel, became suspicious when he saw that no water was flowing through one of the pipes.

“I walked further into the veld and saw that there is a river of sewage flowing into the veld and pooling into a dam of sewage,” says Kriel.

The community members explain that some of the residents who live nearby are forced to live behind closed windows and doors because of the stench.

“It’s going to be a regular problem here,” says Buchner.

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