Springs man axed to death by his cousin

The man's cousin killed him with an axe and a knife.

Vusi Moela was killed with an axe and a knife at Harare Street, Slovo Park on Sunday.

He was killed at 7.15am, by his cousin, who ended up in hospital after the community severely assaulted him.

Capt Johannes Ramphora, Springs police spokesman, says the owner of the house and her daughter-in-law were involved in an argument over the way her daughter-in-law was dressed.

Moela asked the mother-in-law not to interfere with his girlfriend’s dress code.

Ramphora says Moela’s cousin entered the room to hear what was going on and attacked Moela with an axe and a knife after getting angry when Moela allegedly told him not to interfere.

The cousin sustained serious injuries after angry community members assaulted him after he killed Moela.

Ramphora says the cousin is recovering in hospital but is still in the intensive care unit at the hospital.

When the police arrived on the scene they found the body of Moela with multiple wounds to his body.

The police called for paramedics, who declared Moela dead on the scene.

A murder case was opened at the police station.

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