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Resident is dissatisfied with post office service

Would it be too much bother, in the event of load-shedding, to have one person on standby?

Bob Gillies writes:

We have been living in Strubenvale for 45 years. A few years ago, we found the Strubenvale Post Office closed for non-payment of rent and electricity.

At the moment we are paying in full each year for half a functioning service – the post boxes. The service there, after the long-serving “tannies” were replaced, deteriorated so much that the closure has not made much difference.

Going to Springs CBD Post Office is not pleasant and the service there was not good. So I tried the Selcourt Towers branch, especially for the motor vehicle business.

They frequently experience load-shedding or are offline, which is an issue. Calling 011 818 4598 to see whether they are open has proven ineffective.

When I inquired about the phone in that post office while I was there, they said it was operational. I then dialled the number on my cellphone, but it did not ring.

It appears that you must frequently use expensive petrol to visit them to see if they are open, only to find a closed door and a dark interior when other small businesses near that entrance are open.

Would it be too much bother, in the event of load-shedding, to have one person on standby with an emergency lantern, if only to issue motor vehicle licence renewals and other paperwork that may be completed and returned later?

Why not just shut the door in the customer’s face and take the day off with full payment within the government offices where employees are paid whether they are there or not?

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