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History in the making – The Springs Mine and Military Outdoor Museum is underway

“I do this not just to educate but to preserve history. I feel that we have had enough of the drama and the politics. It is time to focus on something meaningful." - Tony

Antonio da Cruz fondly known as Tony, CEO of ProSafe and founder of the Facebook page Springs History of a Gold Town (SHOAGT), has announced historical proportions.

He confirmed the Springs Mine and Military Outdoor Museum to be underway.

“This privately funded and managed museum will be run with permission from and in a public/private partnership with the City of Ekurhuleni.

“After a couple of years of presentations, negotiations and meetings with Ekurhuleni, the Ekurhuleni department of heritage and other stakeholders, including the military, to get permission to move the pieces, SHOAGT receive permission to proceed with the Museum at Presidents Park, alongside the Paul Kruger Highway,” said Tony.

Scattered large mining and military heritage assets on display all over Springs and Ekurhuleni are at imminent risk of a total loss due to vandalism and neglect.

This project aims to consolidate them in one place where they will be preserved and cared for to continue providing visual historical and educational importance.

“Visiting these pieces at present is impossible, due to most being in crime-prone areas. These include tanks, cannons, naval guns, anti-aircraft guns, coco pans, mining equipment and steam locomotives,” he said.

The museum will create a single outdoor space where visitors, student groups, residents and restorers can walk around, view and study the pieces safely and comfortably. More important is large assets can be protected and restored.

“The primary sponsor for this project shall be Prosafe Security. SHOAGT has already enticed a handful of wonderful sponsors to help with logistics, site preparation, signage and paving,” confirmed Tony.

Tony further thanks the city for its enthusiasm and participation in the project.

“They have facilitated the project and committed to helping long-term by maintaining the general grounds and possibly providing a high-bay light over the museum.”

The museum shall start its collection by moving pieces currently in Springs and a couple of pieces donated by the Apex Military Base. The museum expects more pieces from other towns over time,” he adds.

Errol Britz of Chanmel Gardens has been appointed as curator of the museum.

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“He recently retired from the army and is a man with deep roots in the South African Army, with extensive knowledge of all things military. His garden maintenance company has also offered to maintain the gardens around the exhibits at the museum,” said Tony.

Work on the site should start in the next couple of weeks.

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