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City’s tap water safe for consumption

Samples were taken and tested to determine whether or not there is truth to claims that recent cholera cases were contracted from tap water.

The City of Ekurhuleni has reassured residents that its potable water is of excellent quality and safe to consume.

The city’s reassurance to residents follows false statements on many social media platforms that the tap water is contaminated with the cholera-causing bacterium.

The fake claims follow the recent identification of three cholera cases in the city in recent weeks.

“Following these cases, our environmental health practitioners conducted emergency tests of the city’s tap water to determine if this could have been the cause and the results have come back negative, confirming that the city’s water is safe to drink,” explained city spokesperson Zweli Dlamini.

“It is important to note that the city continuously samples and analyses its tap water at various sampling points to confirm compliance with the South African National Standard for Drinking Water SANS 241.

Metro says water is safe for consumption

“These sampling points range from direct connections, taps, reservoirs, distribution network points, clinics, water tanker trucks and end-of-the-network user points.

“The sampling intervals range from daily, weekly, and monthly whereby the city confirms that the water is clean, safe to drink and for general use.

“This is done to ensure that the quality of the water supplied to our communities is of high quality and in line with national standards.”

The city remains committed to providing quality and sustainable water service to the people of Ekurhuleni.

If one suspects that the water quality is compromised, residents are encouraged to inform the city through their nearest customer care centre for intervention.

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