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Ensure your vehicle’s licence is renewed annually

Failing to do so will result in penalties or written notices.

The EMPD reminds all motorists or owners of motor vehicles to ensure that they renew their motor vehicle licence annually at their nearest driving licence testing centres (DLTC) or they may be liable to penalty fees or even written notices, as stipulated in the National Road Traffic Act (Act 93 of 1996).

To renew a motor vehicle licence, motorists must complete form ALV at the registering authority or DLTC, and ensure that the completed form is accompanied by the original ID or a clear certified copy of the ID (not older than three months), a valid driving licence (not a temporary driving licence), South African passport or traffic register number (TRN) accompanied by a valid passport with a valid work, study, spousal or relative permit.

If the owner’s physical address has not been verified or is different from the address on The National Traffic Information System (eNaTIS), proof of residence will be required.

An acceptable proof of address shall be either the utility account in the owner’s name, clothing account, lease agreement, bank account statement or if the owner is staying with someone, the landlord’s utility account accompanied by an affidavit by the owner of the property stating that the applicant is staying with him or her.

In the case of a business entity, the application shall be accompanied by a copy of the business register number certificate and the ID or certified ID copy of the company’s proxy or representative.

All these documents must not be older than three months. Thereafter, the appropriate licence fee, determined by the tare of the motor vehicle to be licensed, and any penalty fees are payable by the owner.

Most registering authorities or DLTC’s are cashless facilities and only accept bank cards. In the case of companies, the companies pay through electronic funds transfer (EFT).

The company can apply at the finance department and an EFT account is created for each company.

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