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Crotchet blankets made with love

The classes, which started in 2022 have become a beacon of hope for those in need.

A total of 138 crotchet blankets lined the floors and chairs of the Springs Senior Citizens Club on Monday morning.

These are the efforts of the ladies who have been dedicating their time to making beautiful blankets for various charity organisations all over Springs.

With winter fast approaching, the ladies brought together their work to have it distributed to the less fortunate.

The group gathered around Heather Bendeman, the organiser and teacher of the class, as she delivered a speech to celebrate their newest collection for the year 2023.

Sharyn Rundle, Margaret Grant, Heather Brendeman and Jean Ellerman hold up some of the baby items that will be donated.

“We are a God-given little class and we love and pray for each other,” declared Heather.

When asked what inspired her to start the crotchet classes at the club, she says she was inspired by God.

“I asked God what can we do for our people and the answer came to me. We started with four people including myself last year in April,” she said.

After they had learnt as a group to crotchet, they focused their efforts on the community.

“Soon one lady was telling another lady and we are currently sitting on 26 members in our beautiful group,” said Heather.

The ladies around the blankets they made for charity.

The 138 hand-made blankets are a culmination of about 7 000 squares of wool all put together to create works of art that will keep people warm in the coldest months.

Pamela Wishart is part of the group that decides where the blankets will go.

“All our blankets are going to be donated to charity,” said Pamela.

The donations will take place at Chance Children’s Home, Call Her Blessed and Leratong Women’s Shelter.

“The baby clothes will be taken to the Springs Clinic and given out to the mothers who need them,” added Pamela.

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