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There are no limits for these trampoline gymnasts

The gymnasts competed in various black top and Euro trampoline events.

Trampoline gymnasts from Brakpan’s Masters Gymnasts Club recently participated in the No Limits trampoline competition to test their mettle in competition.

The gymnasts practice at the Brakpan Indoor Sports Centre under coaches the Demianenko family and John-Henry Jansen. The competition was held recently at the No Limits Trampoline Club in Johannesburg.

Trampolinists competed in black top and Euro trampoline events in various levels and age groups and showcased their dedication and hard work to achieve podium spots.

“Trampoline gymnastics is a beautiful sport, which combines control of the skill in the air with the fun of learning the necessary skills and competing against other gymnasts,” coach Dmitry Demianenko explains.

Trampoline gymnastics focuses on somersaulting skills – gymnasts get judged on their ability to maintain control over their body position while flying through the air. This can be single or multiple somersaults in various positions and turns.

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