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Book: Mayday Author: Clive Cussler Reviewed by: Natasha Kotze Review made possible by: Penguin Books Rating: A classic

Mayday was first released in America as The Mediterranean Caper in 1973. To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the book has been released under its British name.

It is part of the Major Dirk Pitt series (the second book, if I’m not mistaken). The major picks up a frantic distress call as he is cruising his amphibious plane over the islands of the Aegean.

The Brady Air Force base had come under fire and its entire force of jets on the ground hads been destroyed by a First World War bi-plane.

The story takes you into the world of ex-Nazis, double agents and strongmen as Pitt is on the trail of the mastermind behind a sabotage plot.

With my dad being a fan of Cussler, I’ve read a few of the Pitt books, but this has been my favourite by far.

It takes you back a couple of years and takes you on a ride you will not easily forget.

If you are a Cussler fan, but you haven’t read Mayday, then do yourself a favour and read this one. It is full of action and very entertaining.

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