Smart tips for a road trip with a baby or toddler

Once you have a baby, road trips are a very different experience. Here's how to make the journey less stressful.

Are you going on a long drive with a baby or toddler? Here are 10 tips that might help ease your stress and make the journey safe, fun, and more relaxed.

  1. If you have a long drive ahead of you, consider doing so during your baby or toddler’s nap time. This way you’ll be able to get in a good chunk of quiet, peaceful driving that can recharge everyone’s batteries.
  2. Having a good selection of toys on hand, especially for an older baby, will not only keep you sane while driving but will also keep your little one occupied. Choose toys that have been specially designed for use during car rides or that have suction pads that will stick on the window or the back of the front seat.
  3. Audio story tapes are a good idea, especially for long trips. There’s a ton of storybooks for kids on
  4. Be selective about what you pack with you on your trip and don’t overload your car boot or back seat to the point where you don’t have a clear view of your surroudings.
  5. Always protect your child from the sun, regardless of the mode of transportation, and use a high-factor sunscreen on any exposed skin.
  6. Dress your baby in loose, easy-to-change clothing to keep him as comfortable as possible during the trip.
  7. Cars can get extremely hot in the summer, with temperatures rising dramatically, so keep an eye on your child while driving and watch for any signs of dehydration or heat stroke.
  8. Take regular stops and let your toddler stretch their legs.
  9. While driving, portable snacks are great as they work as both nourishment and distraction.
  10. If you are traveling with another adult, it helps if one of you can ride in the backseat next to your baby for at least a portion of the trip.

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