How to go on a road trip with your dog

Make the drive with your pup easy and fun for all.

Going on holiday with your fur baby is a great experience and can save you a fair penny on kennel fees. Before you hit the road, tick off these five steps to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable trip.

Update your details

Make sure your dog is microchipped and that the details are up to date, just in case Fluffy decides to make a run for it on one of your stops. While a name tag on the collar is great, there is always the risk of the tag breaking off or the collar getting hooked on something and pulling off. A microchip can be scanned by most vets and SPCAs making it convenient and easy for them to contact you and reunite you with your pooch.

Check and pack the vaccination card

If your dog’s vaccinations (especially the Rabies booster) is not up to date, make sure to get it done before you go on holiday. Again, chances are slim that you need it, but if you do, you’ve got it handy.

A dedicated seat

Create a big enough space for Brutus to lie down comfortably without a bag potentially falling on him if you go around a corner a little too fast or need to come to a sudden halt. If your dog is used to and happy to be in a crate for the trip, that’s the safest way to travel. Either way, pack his doggy bed or favourite blanket to show that it is his space.

Remember the toys

Is your pup prone to chewing? Invest in a good quality chew toy to prevent your car from being gnawed on. If your dog tends to get nervous in the car, pack his favourite toys to help him feel at ease and speak to your vet about possibly getting some mild calming meds. 

Don’t ignore nature’s call

Plan regular bathroom breaks along the way and take your pooch for a little walk too. Remember to pack poop packets. While you are on your stop, whip out the dog bowl and give your furry some water to make sure he stays hydrated. A couple of treats to reward him for his good behaviour will also go down nicely.

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