What’s for dinner? Boerewors burgers with mango atchar

There’s more options for boerewors than just grilling it. You can also turn it into your favourite boerie burger. Top with spicy atchar (or chakalaka) and you have a meaty South African treat of note.

Serves 4 

You’ll need: 600-800g boerewors; 30-45ml olive oil; 4 sesame buns, sliced in half horizontally; butter for spreading; fresh lettuce leaves; about 3 tomatoes, sliced; salt & pepper; about half a jar hot mango atchar (or hot chakalaka); 4 tablespoons mayonnaise.

How to: 

Remove the casing of the boerewors by cutting it open with a sharp small knife or scissors. 

Divide the wors mixture into 4 and shape into round patties, about 1,5-2cm thick. Heat the olive oil in a non-stick pan over high heat, then fry the patties on both sides until golden brown but still juicy in the middle (about 3-4 minutes a side) – or braai the patties over hot coals on a grill.

Assemble the burgers: butter the sliced buns, then top with lettuce, tomatoes, salt & pepper, grilled pattie, mango atchar and mayonnaise. Serve hot with crispy potato chips, tomato sauce and mayo.

Serve with a glass of Spier Creative Block 3.

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* Recipe & image by Spier.

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