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Sanitary lessons for Alex schools

ALEXANDRA - A young girl who was a victim of unsanitary conditions while growing up in Alexandra, has set out on a mission to ensure that those who come after her do not suffer the same 'dehumanising' conditions.

The Building Blocks Foundation held a sanitary lessons workshop for the young and old of Alexandra at the Thusong Youth Centre.

Foundation founder Candice Sehoma said besides building toilets for her community, she also wanted to ensure that they are aware of sanitary requirements for good health. “I want to couple the building of toilets to eradicate the bucket system with sanitary awareness.

This is my first of many workshops to come and the next one will be held in various schools around Alexandra,” she said.

Sehoma said she would hold the workshops at both primary and secondary schools, but special emphasis would be placed on the primary schools.

“I am mainly targeting the young children as they are the future of this country and hence the need to skill them when they are young,” Sehoma said.

Sanitary lessons included washing hands after using the toilet and before having meals, keeping their newly built toilets clean and germ free and general cleanliness, including washing their bodies and keeping their environments tidy.

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  1. This is an inspiring programme Candice. I wish you all the best on your future endeavors.

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