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Scouts continue to troop

JOBURG - The Scout movement was started more than 100 years ago by Lord Robert Baden-Powell in Britain and epitomises the age-old saying that "from tiny acorns mighty oak trees grow".

At its inception Scouting grew from groups of young boys getting together to form patrols as suggested in newsletters by the founder. The patrols grew into troops and the troops in turn expanded into the huge organisation of youths and adults that are found in nearly every country in the world today.

Originally open to boys only, girls were excepted into the movement in 1997.

That same spirit was being repeated in Alexandra Extension 7 all these years after the original formation of the movement.

In this case an unemployed young man, Khanya Dzowa, was trying to arrange a bursary to further his education, Dzowa, who is well-versed in the world of Scouting, met up with a group of five young boys and girls and started talking.

The conversation eventually turned to Scouts and that was where the acorn was planted.

In a year, this had led to the birth of the second Alexandra Scout Troop, a group of about 35 young people which was about to be registered at Scout Provincial Headquarters.

Already a scarf colour and design have been decided on and a committee of parents has formed to help with the administration, fundraising and those many activities that are necessary to the smooth running of a troop.

Dzowa and his Scouts have established a place where they can meet on a regular basis and in true Scouting tradition are getting on with training.

The 1st Alexandra Troop has been operating for more than a year and it is not unreasonable to expect that more groups might follow in an area the size of Alexandra.

“I am delighted that Scouting has taken off so well in Alexandra,” said district commissioner Don Norris. “It has often been said that Scouting is a relic of the past but these developments show exactly the opposite. Scouting is growing and will continue to do so.”

Details: 082-688-1861, rondon@mweb.co.za

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