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LA singer set to rock Jozi

JOBURG - Los Angeles singer and songwriter Terra Naomi was excited to be part of the Joburg City Festival with her performance at POPArt.

Naomi is a unique artist whose innovative, game changing ideas combine with an extraordinary talent to transcend the traditional music business, she is one of the greatest musical success stories in YouTube’s history.

After creating a global internet-hit from an acoustic live recording of her song, Say It’s Possible, and winning the first YouTube Award for Best Music Video, Naomi garnered international attention with her stand-out solo performance at Live Earth which was held at Wembley Stadium in the UK, and signed with Universal Island Records to release her debut album, Under the influence.

Her follow-up album was, To Know I’m Ok, and her new album Live & Unplugged marks a turning point in her artistic path. Known for her powerful and intense vocals and her ability to be truly authentic on stage, creating a space in which listeners are able to connect with their own emotions, Naomi brings a riveting intensity to her shows with a signature mix of delicate compositions and raw emotion, easily transitioning between soaring, powerhouse vocals, and the most intimate whispers.

Terra Naomi Unplugged will be at POPArt in Maboneng Precinct, 8pm.

Details: 011-726-6076, brandmanager@mabonengprecinct.com, www.popartcentre.co.za/book-tickets

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