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Wheelie bins go hi-tech

JOBURG - Pikitup may soon be micro-chipping its wheelie bins to track their location and usage.

This emerged after North Riding resident Linda Bender gave up the fight for a new wheelie bin after trash collectors damaged it in May.

When she turned to Alex News for assistance, a new bin was delivered to her home shortly afterwards. But, according to Pikitup managing director Amanda Nair, Pikitup hoped to prevent bins from being misplaced through technology.

“A new project is being started where microchips will be built into the bins, so we know if your bin has left your property or not, and whether it has been cleared.”

Nair admitted there were a number of people without bins. “This is a concern for us and we do want to make a difference. We know there has been shortage of bins for a quite some time,” said Nair. “To ensure this is done in an orchestrated manner, we are researching how many people need bins replaced.”

Nair stated apart from changing the system within Pikitup, the utility would like the community to also take responsibility for cleaning up and taking care of its own space. “People need to work with us, often people dump rubbish anywhere and leave for us,” added Nair.

She said the company is undergoing many changes to better its service delivery. “We have slacked in the past, but we are turning that around and reorganising management of the company,” admitted Nair.

She promised to take full responsibility and work on resolving residents issues as soon as possible.

Details: 0860-56-28-74, 011-375-5555, joburgconnect@joburg.org.za or info@pikitup.co.za Ensure a reference number is issued.

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