Fewer outages for Eskom after system upgrade

JOBURG - South African power utility, Eskom, is the first organisation on African soil to be awarded the prestigious SAP Advanced Centre of Expertise certification.


With this the new certification, the Eskom team now has integrated information technology systems quality management in place, bringing complete transparency to the challenges and issues faced by the organisation as a whole.

SAP, which is based in Woodmead, is a leading global enterprise software solution provider, and according to Sean Maritz of Eskom, SAP has had a positive impact on the utility’s operations over the past 10 years. “With SAP’s systems in place, we have seen a significant reduction in system outages due to the improvement in our internal processes,” he said.

“Our internal information technology ratings have also improved by 15 percent and we have experienced 10 percent fewer outages due to the increased levels of accurate real-time data in our systems.”

The journey to the advanced SAP certification is an intricate two-year process requiring both executive-level commitment and resource allocation. “This SAP certification conveys a level of commitment to quality above all, and highlights Eskom’s drive to do the right thing; not just for short-term gains, but to ensure sustainability in the long term,” added Maritz.

Moving forward, Maritz said Eskom would now focus on further improvement of the organisation’s information technology systems.

“This includes adding more business processes and improving the quality of the existing processes. Eskom is a lighthouse to many other utilities in Africa,” he said.

“With SAP as a partner, we have demonstrated to the world that we have a mature information technology computer environment and that effectively harnessed technology can change the playing field.”



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