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UPDATE: ANC clinch Johannesburg

JOHANNESBURG - The ANC has garnered most of the votes in Gauteng.

According to the IEC results dashboard, counting of votes have been conclude for Johannesburg.

The ANC failed to get outright majority and only walked away with 44.55 percent of votes, with the DA trailing behind at 38.37 percent of the votes and the EFF standing with 11.09 percent of votes.

With the ANC failing to get outright majority, the party might need a coalition with another party while at the same time, other parties still have a chance to take over the City’s administration through a coalition.

Johannesburg results were delayed and were not yet ready at the time of the official result announcement that was done by the IEC earlier.

Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of the IEC, Mosotho Moepya¬†said the results were still being finalised. “Results for a number of wards are still going through our rigorous auditing process.”
Johannesburg was one of the hotly contested municipalities in this elections.

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