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Caxton news teams are proud representatives of ethics

JOHANNESBURG – The Press Council of South Africa is the custodian of the Press Code.

As members of the Press Council of South Africa, Caxton journalists and editors strive to adhere to ethical journalism based on fair and objective reportage as guided by the Press Code.

Caxton community journalists have vested interests in the areas they serve and, although they are stakeholders in their communities, each newsroom member adheres to the Press Code and the fundamental ethic of holding those in power accountable.

As was pointed out in the most recent State of the Newsroom report, the community journalists, like our national colleagues, are often attacked online by readers who dislike what is being reported on.

Social media has become a platform for these attacks, especially when opposing factions arise in a community.
People often expect the community journalist to take sides, but as mentioned, we adhere to the Press Code and our reportage must be fair and objective.

About the Press Council

The Press Council of South Africa (PCSA) comprises the offices of the Press Ombud, Public Advocate and Panel of Adjudicators.

It is an independent co-regulatory mechanism set up by the print media and online publications affiliated to the Council to provide impartial, expeditious and cost-effective adjudication to settle disputes over the editorial content.
It is chaired by retired Judge Philip Levinson.

The mechanism is based on a commitment to freedom of expression, including freedom of the press and excellence in journalistic practice and ethics.

PCSA and members of the press adopted and are guided by the South African Press Code of Ethics and Conduct in the daily practice of gathering and distributing news and opinion.

The Press Code also guides the Ombud and Adjudication Panel to reach decisions on complaints.
If either party is unhappy with the outcome of an adjudication, they can appeal to the Appeals panel headed by Judge Bernard Ngoepe.

The PCSA is the custodian of the Press Code and may amend it from time to time, depending on circumstances.
The industry believes in independent co-regulation involving exclusively representatives of the press and representatives of the public because it is the only way that the rights of freedom of expression and freedom of the press and other media guaranteed in the Constitution of the Republic can be truly exercised. The members of the Press Council and its officials are appointed by Judge Yvonne Mokgoro.

To view the Press Code or for more information on how to lodge a complaint, go to www.presscouncil.org.za

You can also email your complaint directly to enquiries@ombudsman.org.za or contact 011 484 3612 for assistance.

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