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Moodley needs assistance to rebuild his looted and burnt shop

ALEXANDRA – That business was my bread and butter, says KwaZulu Muti shop owner.

KwaZulu Muti, the African herbal specialist shop in Wynberg was one of the many stores that was extensively damaged during the recent unrest and looting.

Vernon Moodley, the owner of the shop, said he lost all his stock and equipment as his store was not only looted but it was also set ablaze.

“The damage that the looters have inflicted is comparable to a loss of R100 000,” Moodley said. “25 years of operation down in flames.”

Moodley told Alex News that his rental agent sent him a letter stating that they were waiting for the insurance company and building inspector to get estimates on the damages to the building which housed many shops.

However, according to Moodley, the insurance company would only cover the damage to the building and not his goods that were stolen and burned by the looters.

KwaZulu Muti African herbalist shop burned to ashes. Photo: Supplied

“I am definitely in need of help to start rebuilding my business, that business was my bread and butter.

“All gone, I have no more money for the basic needs at home as I emptied my savings account. The holiday season is fast approaching and people need to celebrate with joy and happiness, and also buy their children festive clothes, but they will not have the funds to do so because they lost their job as the consequence of looting.

“As we were just about to recover the money we lost during the hard lockdown, another pandemic, ‘looting’ struck.”

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