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Alex court postpones case against ECD teacher for attempted murder to April

Miranda Jordan, the founder of the Women and Men Against Child Abuse, said they expect no more excuses but that the matter is heard when it comes up again in the Alexandra Magistrate's Court on April 18.

The case of a teacher at an Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) in Alexandra who is accused of attempted murder after allegedly burning a toddler with boiling water has been postponed yet again to April 18.

The teacher, who has not been asked to plead, has been appearing at the Alexandra Magistrate’s Court since February 2021 and on October 12 last year, the case had to be postponed to February 8 this year due to what the presiding magistrate said was a failure on the part of the investigating officer to properly inform one of the witnesses about today’s court proceedings and hence the witness was not in court.

Speaking outside court, Miranda Jordan, founder of the Women and Men Against Child Abuse, voiced her organisation’s frustration with the continuous postponement of the case for the last three years. “We are not happy with the continuous postponements of this case as justice delayed is justice denied,” she said.

She said the earlier postponement spoke to a greater problem within the SAPS. “It’s not the first time that a case involving a child couldn’t proceed due to the incompetence of police officers. We urge that police officers who are found wanting and don’t treat child cases with the seriousness they deserve to be held accountable,” Jordan said.

She said the young boy and his family are constantly being deeply let down and continue to suffer the trauma while the accused is out on bail and continues to lead her normal life.

The case involving a preschool teacher at a daycare centre in Alexandra in January 2021 was meant to start trial on February 8. But the case was postponed yet again to April 18, this time due to load-shedding.

“This case is not being treated with the urgency and seriousness it deserves. A 4-year-old boy who sustained lifelong injuries during the horrific attack is now being subjected to continual trauma by the court while having to deal with his new physical appearance and all that comes with it. The accused, however, moves about freely and is often seen close to the home of the young boy and his family,” Jordan said.

She added that the situation becomes less fair when one considers how medical bills are mounting up and left square on the shoulders of the family, while the accused is out on free bail.

“Load-shedding being cited as one of the reasons for the postponement is unacceptable too. Load-shedding as a consequence of corrupt tendencies by government officials is now delaying justice for families in communities like Alex. We cannot allow this to continue,” said a fuming Jordan outside court.

“We expect to have this matter heard when we return to court on April 18. Three state witnesses, including the parents of the boy, are expected to testify on the day. In the meantime, WMACA will offer therapeutic support to the boy at our Alex Kidz Clinic,” she added.

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