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Milano Lifestyle revives hip-hop culture in Alex

Milano Lifestyle invites all hip-hop lovers to come and experience the hip-hop culture on May 4.

The Milano Lifestyle in Alexandra will host the Up in the North ‘Straata Edition’ event on May 4 which is set to be the celebration of hip hop culture, music arts and lifestyle.

Event organiser Nhlanhla Ntuli said the inspiration for the event is to bring back the culture of hip-hop because he sees a decline in hip-hop culture in the township while a lot of hip-hop creatives surrounds him.

“Hip-hop culture has long been a powerful force in expressing social issues and showcasing artistic talent. Hip-hop has permeated various aspects, from graffiti-influenced writing styles to fashion trends and street art.

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“The Up in the North event aims to highlight these influences and provide a platform for artists to share their work and creativity,” said Ntuli.

Milano Lifestyle event organiser Nhlanhla Ntuli says he will host the Up in the North ‘Straata Edition’.
Milano Lifestyle event organiser Nhlanhla Ntuli says he will host the Up in the North ‘Straata Edition’.

“We have no competitors in our surroundings and we are aiming to keep the spirit of hip hop alive and make it grow so that we can inspire other up-and-coming artists to come out of their comfort zone so that they can make money out of this business venture.”

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Ntuli said the stage will be graced with some of the most popular local artists from Gauteng and beyond who will showcase their music and share their unique styles with the crowd.

“This event is not just a celebration of hip hop music and culture but also a reflection of the diverse influences and talents within the hip hop community. Attendees can expect a day filled with music, art, fashion and lifestyle elements that showcase the richness and creativity of hip-hop culture.”

He added that with this event they are hoping to expose local artists to greater heights, give artists a platform to showcase their talent and collaborate with artists from other townships.

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