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Power-hungry ANC lots hallucinate again

WHO the hell do the ANC and its secretary-general Gwede Mantashe think they are?

Mantashe said on Monday that the government would forge ahead with contentious projects that it claimed would kick-start the stuttering economy, even if it was taken to court.

In addition, he said President Jacob Zuma’s administration would no longer tolerate protracted debates about projects because they often caused investor uncertainty.

This raises questions on what exactly the ANC government plans to do with the country that’s fast becoming the Republic of ANC.

Obviously, top of the list should be the implementation of the controversial e-tolling, which the government seems hell-bent to forge ahead with despite a resounding no from the public.

Newsflash: this is the Republic of South Africa for which the likes of real freedom fighters such as Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu unselfishly sacrificed their lives.

Never in their wildest dreams did they think the tenderpreneurs and scandalous lots that now run the ANC like their own spaza shops would dream of doing as they please.

Isn’t this the same ANC that promised a better life for all and that ‘the people shall govern’?¬†Unfortunately this statement has been reduced to nothing more than a plot to get to Parliament.

With this declaration of war from the ANC, the people must show its leaders such as Mantashe and Zuma just who the boss is.

The government should not be allowed to run the country like it is the Nkandla homestead. Perhaps it’s because of parliamentary inexperience coming to the fore that’s making the ANC not to realise you never do as you please in government.

Government should be for the people by the people. And the people shall govern, finish and klaar.

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