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Night owls flock to night market

The market brings the community together.

Recently, the Bedfordview Night Market saw market goers come together.

The second market of its kind was held at the Italian Club.

Shannon Naidu. one of the organisers of the event said the market brings the community together.

For more information, visit the Bedfordview Night Market Facebook Page or send an email to bedfordviewmarket@gmail.com

Markus Pretorius with Carli Jerling waiting in the line for the Bedfordview Night Market to begin.
Organisers of the Bedfordview Night Market: Shannon Naidu and Tyronne Panaino.
Marcellus, Eleanor McNamara and Angelo McNamara say it is family time well spent at the Bedfordview Night Market.
Keanu Adamson and Slade Alberts at the Bedfordview Night Market held on June 30.
Chris and Marilyn De Wet enjoying themselves at the June 30, Bedfordview Night Market.
The Da Costa Family: Daniel, Ricciardo and Brownwyn, enjoying themselves on June 30, at the Bedforfordview Night Market.
The Rovito family waiting for the Bedfordview Night Market to open on June 30.

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